Financial performance is the common measurement to move any business to the next level

Our Mission

GBFA provides company executives, board-members and key management with strategies and solutions for building or restructuring the organization to the optimal level with the objective to grow and advance the enterprise to competition in the international business markets. Financial performance is the common denominator for business measurement. GBFA offers senior financial and operational management experience from a background of 30+ years from early stage startups to mature companies, in the private, public or non-profit sectors to design and implement growth strategies and restructuring. GBFA assesses and with its network of affiliates, associates and global contacts, delivers and implements strategies and solutions for businesses to compete and excel in the future.

Our Analysis

We evaluate your business from its current domicile to analyze and recommend the best way forward in the following areas:

money bag icon Initial capital structure funding, cash movements & exits, loan structures, start up payments, operating expenses and transfer pricing analysis
cash management icon Cash management in restricted currency countries, open inflows and withdrawals
factory icon Operations planning, future objectives and exit strategy
multiple currency icon Multiple currency accounting and foreign statutory reporting
human resource icon Human resource management and employee insurance benefits
offshoring icon Offshoring, foreign and domestic tax
legal structure icon Legal structure and positioning

Our Affliates

Combining extensive experience with a vast network of global affiliates, GBFA is able to provide solid business financial solutions. Some affiliates include:

Diebolt & Associates, Ltd.,

Automotive Foresight (Shanghai) Co., Ltd,

Icon Interactive,

Robert J Swistock, Managing Director

Bob Swistock has extensive international experience in energy, automotive and information technology industries. He is recognized for the ability to create and build value through strategic financial and operational planning, and has proven success using key value drivers to develop and enhance international footprints and profitability.

Bob collaborates with his clients’ leaders to develop innovative solutions and results. He has 30+ years’ experience in mergers, acquisitions and sales of companies - both public and private - and financial expertise with IPO’s, public offerings and NYSE listings.

To effectively engage his clients and their management teams, Bob, in his previous roles, established operating procedures, profitability benchmarks, transfer pricing policies, budgeting and financial and regulatory controls. He has also directed all global banking, financing, financial and tax reporting, budgeting, governmental compliance, legal and contract review and global cash management.

That’s smart business sense.